Better Than Glass  

   In the past, many people perceived that plastic meant cheap. But times have changed, today many of the products that make our lives comfortable are made of modern, high-tech plastics. Fiberglass and acrylic tubs and showers have taken the place of old fashioned steel units. Many  pipes and fittings that were copper or steel, now are plastic. In fact, just about every product in our homes has been improved by the use of plastic.
   Tub-Master tub and shower doors are made of a high-impact, shatter-proof plastic. As a matter of fact, no-one has ever been cut or injured by a Tub-Master door. If a person were to slip and fall against a Tub-Master door, it would flex to cushion the fall, helping to prevent more serious injury.
   What about cleaning? Just like acrylic tub and shower modules, the plastic used has a hard surface that is easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and a Tub-Master Recommended Cleaner. The doors are light and easy to remove, allowing them to be taken outside and spayed with a garden hose once or twice a year, if you wish. Only minimal maintenance is necessary to keep your Tub-Master clean and operating perfectly for years.
   Because of Tub-Master's outstanding materials and quality construc-
tion, we are able to offer a  (2) Two-Year Residential & (1) One-Year Commercial Warranty to homeowners.