BT/BS Series:

BS Door (click to enlarge)    Delight in the best of all worlds, the Deluxe by-passing and folding shower doors combine the beauty and elegance of a rigid by-passing door with the ultimate convenience of doors that fold back and literally disappear for a spacious bathing atmosphere.
   Simply unhook the towel bar and fold back the doors to lie back and relax in a soothing bath without feeling closed in by the fixed panels of typical glass doors.

   In the by passing position, shower with the confidence that water stays in and your floor remains safely dry.
   Opened or closed, your Deluxe by-passing door is designed to complement the beauty and elegance of traditional, contemporary, or imaginative bathing environments.
   Choose the Deluxe series for tubs and showers 4 foot wide and larger.

Click HERE to see an animation of a BT/BS door in motion.