Thank-you for visiting Tub-Master's Consumer Information Page. We are currently in the process of testing household cleaner effects on Tub-Master products.  We will be posting more safe recommendations with these results; please check back on this page for updated information. 

Tub-Master would like to reemphasize the importance of using proper cleaning care! Below are Proper Cleaning Care Instructions & Tips:

·      All Tub-Master products should be rinsed and wiped off immediately after using a recommended cleaner. 

·     Tub-Master recommends that you use a bleach solution at 5% concentrate or less.  (Standard household bleach contains 5% sodium hypochlorite)

·     Tub-Master cannot recommend any cleaners where formulations are subject to change or concentrations may vary according to the manufacturer. 

·      Non-recommended cleaners on the market today may be appropriate as long as the cleaning products are completely rinsed and wiped off after cleaning.  Please read labels and instructions carefully. 

·      If you should choose to use a non-recommended cleaner, use cleaning agents compatible with the product material. Tub-Master shower doors are made from ABS resins, excluding the crystal silver / crystal gold lines which are made of butadiene styrene.  Tub-Master grab bars are composed of a thermoplastic polycarbonate/ABS.  

·     Tub-Master does not recommend using any commercial, household, or “leave-on” spray cleaners; leaving chemicals on the surface or using non-recommended cleaners may harm finish and impair safety.  

Tub-Master would like to reemphasize the importance of using proper cleaning care; the use of non-recommended cleaners will void warranty


This Page is Constantly being updated, so check back often!